The National Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) Coordination Summit is a collaborative endeavour to craft a robust framework for effectively coordinating research, development, and innovation activities. By engaging a wide array of stakeholders, including government officials, international entities, businesses, academia, and civil society, the summit seeks to address critical issues in RDI through thematic keynotes, panels and workshops.

Through co-creation, the summit will develop concrete action plans and establish sustained collaboration beyond the event, facilitated by technical working groups and a coordination steering committee. With a strong focus on sustainability and alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals, the summit underscores the pivotal role of key stakeholders and local NGOs in implementing outcomes, thereby fostering a transformative RDI ecosystem by 2030.

Key Objectives:

Identifying State and Non-State Actors

We aim to map and validate the roles of both state and non-state actors within Nigeria's RDI ecosystem.

Documenting RDI Coordination Mechanisms

Our summit will comprehensively document various RDI coordination mechanisms, spanning government ministries, agencies, private sector initiatives, and academic institutions.

Evaluating Progress and Challenges

We will evaluate the progress of existing coordination mechanisms, examining their achievements, challenges, and political dynamics. By understanding the status of actions and operational challenges, we aim to pave the way for institutionalizing RDI practices across Nigeria.

Ensuring Stakeholder Participation

The summit will feature diverse stakeholders, including government representatives, international organizations, private sector leaders, academia, civil society, and more. We seek to comprehensively understand Nigeria's RDI coordination landscape by fostering dialogue and collaboration among these stakeholders.

Join us at the National RDI Summit, where policymakers, industry leaders, researchers, and innovators unite to explore the forefront of technology and science. Discover fresh opportunities, glean valuable insights, and network with peers in a dynamic, collaborative environment.

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